** Prices include travel within 50 km of Moncton. Additional mileage fee may apply outside of the area. Please note initial payment is required prior to your appointment. 

A good landscape design will look not only at the elements that make your yard attractive but reflect how you use your yard and the time you have and the effort you want to make in order to maintain it. 

When you hire Northland Design Inc. to be your 'Landscape Tutor', we will give the personalized information you need to  make your yard beautiful.

  • One hour consultation with Gordon Kraushaar
  • A customized concept plan for either your back yard or front yard.
  • A suggested plant list
  • A Pinterest Inspiration Board


Now Only $349

(reg. price $399)

Full service design with Gordon Kraushaar including design plans and construction documents.

  • Three hours of consultation (either front or back yard), during which we’ll check out your space, discuss your needs and craft improvements. We’ll look at your soils, slopes and drainage, and answer any questions you may have.
  • A schematic design that will detail your yard with the planned improvements and suggested plant list
  • Revisions based on your review and feedback
  • Full construction drawings of your yard, including drainage, hardscape and planting plans
  • A cost estimate
  • A list of qualified Landscape Contractors
  • An Pinterest inspiration board

If you are looking to build - let your first call be Northland Design Inc. We will help you identify your land-use needs and develop a master site plan for your new home & yard.

  • Five hours of consultation during which we’ll check out your lot, discuss your needs (how you plan to use your yard) and at your soils, slopes and drainage.
  • A schematic design that will detail your yard with the planned and hard and soft  elements, including home, outbuildings, walkways, gardens, etc.
  • A suggested plant list including drawings
  • A cost estimate
  • A list of qualified Landscape Contractors
  • ​An Pinterest inspiration board


Starting at $999


Starting at $1499